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Muscle up!

Muscle up!

The muscular activation and training at its best! During the workout we combine more muscular chaine into one or multiple move in order to activate deeper and stronger inside the fibers. We take the maximum out of every second and of every move, to gain the maximum results. Dumbells or pump bar are the necessary accessories for the class. Anyone can join, no matter the fitness experience or strength level. We build resistance and strength with every workout we perform!

Anyone can join. Options will be given if anyone will feel fatigue or if any participant has any kind of health problems.

During the workout dumbbells will be used, a mat or plates if any.

Intensity level: medium to hard

Participants: from beginner to advanced

Type of workout: strength, mobility, toning, power.



Join us by following our classes or by taking our programs and let us not only to train you, but to coach you into this amazing and full of commitment journey!

We Fitness – coaching your fitness journey!

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